Ten Get Things To Buy Used At A Flea Market

Whether you plan on re-purposing a number of specific items or simply want to get a great deal on several used goods, the flea market is always the best place to shop. Following are 10 great buys that you should look out for when visiting a flea market.


People have scored tremendous values at flea markets when purchasing artwork. This is a great way to secure a very rare find at an ultra low price. The frames are even good for re-purposing for other uses.

10 things you can buy used at a flea market from the Richwood Flea Market Blog

Linens And Things For Re-purposing Projects

Although you might not like the idea of purchasing used linens, these can be very handy in any re-purposing projects that you might have. Used sheets make great picnic blankets, truck bed liners and more. They are also perfect for protecting your valuables during a move.

Glass Bottles And Jars

You can often buy these quite cheaply. While most people prefer recycling used jars and bottles, re-purposing them is also another very effective way to keep some of the most attractive of these out of land fills. You can use these to create clever containers or flower vases among other things.

Baby Furnishings

If you can find baby furnishings in good condition at a local flea market, you can save a significant sum of money on some very essential items. One re-purposing project for small-sized baby furnishings is to use them as part of a life-sized doll house or miniature playhouse for small children.

Student Desks And Chairs

There are a number of student furnishings that can be purchased inexpensively at a flea market. These can be good buys for those who are starting day cares of after school programs and who will be re-purposing used items to offset costs.

Winter Clothing

Winter clothing is an optimal find at a flea market, especially when it is of high quality. This seasonal gear can be quite costly when purchased brand new. Ultra low-cost items can be donated during the colder months to the needy.

Household Appliances

The flea market is the perfect place to score a new coffee pot or blender, especially if you are looking for professional-grade items that you would not otherwise be able to afford.

Tables That Are Perfect For Re-purposing For Art

If you are an artist, this is a great place to secure tables and other implements that will great for re-purposing for your studio or displays.

Small Business Supplies

For start-up companies, there is a vast array of items that can be cheaply bought and used in the establishment of a first commercial residence.


You can also get great deals on dishes at a local flea market. This is the perfect way to help a new homeowner get started or to add to your own home collections. Used dishes are also optimal goods for re-purposing for a number of different art projects.

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