Decorate for Halloween with Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Halloween Costume ideas from Richwood Flea Market

Many people take off to the flea market in order to find quality items they can use to decorate with during the Halloween season. Because Halloween only comes around once a year, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend tons of money on something that you are going to put in the closet and forget about until next year. Rather than tooling through your local Wal-Mart or other retail specialty store, why not shop at the flea market for everything you need?

If you look closely within each vendor stall at the flea market, you may possibly find an old cauldron or witches hat. You could be lucky enough to find a broom that can be used as a decoration.

Flea Market Inspired Costume Ideas

If you are going to dress up for Halloween, consider purchasing a few accessories for your costume. Creative Halloween shoppers may even put together an entire ensemble from flea market finds! For example, an old cardboard box can be spray painted black and used as a coffin. A gently used pair of camouflage pants, a camouflage shirt, a red bandana and some boot black can have you looking like a swarthy Chuck Norris in no time. The best part about the flea market is that you will usually get rock-bottom prices. You never know what you are going to find until you begin looking and tap your imagination.

Halloween is right around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking of ideas so that your home and family are outfitted perfectly on the big night. It does not take much to be the scariest house on the entire block or to have the most inventive costume.

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